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A Parisian singer-songwriter with a marvelously expressive voice that glides serenely over a mixture of offbeat ballads and darkly dramatic confessionals. French singer-songwriter November Ultra has achieved this with her critically acclaimed debut album, bedroom walls. The title plays on how most of these songs were crafted in her bedroom-studio but also how the emotions conveyed throughout the 11 songs tie to thoughts most have in their private moments. With elements of pop, soul and r&b, November Ultra has crafted a unique world of her own.

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Born on November 7, 1988, November Ultra is a French singer. Nicknamed Nova by those close to her, she grew up in the Paris region and developed a passion for music very early on. She studies audiovisual translation, and specializes in subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing. In 2013, she launched into music with the electro-pop group Agua Roja. After releasing two EPs, the group broke up in 2018. She decided to go solo, under the pseudonym November Ultra, inspired by the Frank Ocean song Nostalgia Ultra. In 2021, she released her first EP Honey Please Be Soft & Tenders. The same year, she went on stage during the first parts of the Clara Luciani and Pomme concerts. In 2022, she released her first album Bedroom Walls. She performed solo at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2022. The same year, she won the Joséphine and Francis Lemarque prize for revelation on the Sacem Grands Prix list.


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November ultra announces her 2023 tour

November ultra has a magical power, her voice! A gift that the talented singer of Spanish origin has shared since her early childhood. Through his pop music with folk and musical comedy influences, November Ultra invites us to warmly delve into reading his diary. In an impulse that comes from the bottom of her heart, she shares with us so many stories enriched with the many facets of life, from the brightest to the darkest. November Ultra has the art of transforming everything she sings into soothing and comforting melodies, whether with the languages ​​she chooses or with the arrangements she produces. Her first album, a gem called Bedroom Walls, won all the votes, making her the female revelation of the latest Victoires de la Musique, among other awards brought by this great success.

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11/3 – ÉVREUX @Le Kubb
11/4 – LES SABLES D'OLONNE @ Théâtre de la Licorne
11/8 – LILLE @ Théâtre Sébastopole
11/09 – BRUXELLES @ La Madeleine



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